How to get that celebrity party pad you crave without spending millions

Do you dream of creating the ultimate party pad, but don’t have millions of pounds to spend on a London mansion?

You’re not alone. Who among us hasn’t gazed jealously at the lifestyles of the rich and famous in magazines like Hello?

But even if moving to an 8-bedroom luxury mansion isn’t in your budget, there are ways you can turn your existing home into a party pad.

You’ll still need to raise some funds, but as many of these options will actually add value to your house, you may be able to take out a loan to cover the cost of the work.

Get a loft conversion

Party pads tend to be big, so if you’re living in an average terraced house in a London suburb, you’re probably going to need to add some extra space.

That means getting a loft conversion for your London house. Now, the average loft conversion tends to add an extra bathroom and an extra couple of bedrooms. But who said you had to stick with average?

How about adding a home cinema? Or a sauna? Anything your imagination can conceive, can be built as a loft conversion.

Of course, it’s the extra bedrooms that will really add value to your property, but you can always convert your dream attic to something more mundane when it’s time to sell.

Get a basement conversion

Of course, if you want a dream party pad, a loft conversion on its own just isn’t going to cut it, so you need to push out the boat and go all the way with a basement conversion.

A good basement conversion can add even more space than a loft conversion, so it’s a really excellent way to make your party pad a reality.

Again, you can always add extra bedrooms with your basement conversion, but again, it pays to think bigger.

How about a games room? And of course, don’t forget to leave space for your wine cellar.

Give your kitchen a facelift

A true party pad is able to cope with anything from wild nights to more intimate dinners, so make sure your kitchen is up to scratch.

A wine fridge and a free-standing cooking area are the bare minimum. And of course, you’ll need plenty of space for a table to seat your closest friends.

Get a swimming pool

If you want the ultimate party pad, then there’s no getting around it. You’re going to need a swimming pool. And maybe a Jacuzzi too.

Whether it’s a full on pool party, or just chilling out after a night on the town, a swimming pool and a Jacuzzi will make your place the must-visit house among your friends and their friends.

Anything else?

We reckon those are pretty much all you need for a great party pad. (Unless you have a room that you can turn into a nightclub, of course).

But what have we missed let us know what you think.

Are London loft conversions the best home improvement option?

Thinking about a loft conversion? You’re not alone. Each year hundreds of Londoners take the plunge and convert their attic into extra living space.

But is it worth it? As with everything, the cost of a London loft conversion has been going up in the last few years. So that means, if you’re on a tight budget, you may be worried about getting your money’s worth.

Well, we at R. Cabins have a word of advice for you – if you’re treating your loft conversion as an investment then you’re doing it wrong.

Unless you’re a property developer, the main driving factor behind your loft conversion should be to create a living space you love. View any potential financial benefit as a plus, but don’t make it your main reason for getting the work done.

Why? Well, if you get a loft conversion in the hope of quickly being able to sell your home on and recoup the profit on your house, you might be in for a nasty surprise. Especially if you’re stretching your budget to get the work completed.

Selling a house takes time, and if the cost of the loft conversion takes its toll on you financially, then you could end up in a very precarious position.

So take a sensible approach to things. Focus on the benefits that a loft conversion will have for your home, not the chance of making a few extra pounds.

What other home improvement options are available?

You may also be considering alternatives to a loft conversion – such as an extension, or even a basement conversion.

Although extensions and basement conversions are good ways to add extra space, we’d always advise people to opt for a loft conversion first, if possible and if it will meet your needs.

Why? Well, loft conversions tend to be cheaper than both basement conversions and extensions, meaning you won’t have to spend as much to get the extra space you need.

Loft conversions generally involve less disruptions as well. With both basement conversions and extensions, you can expect a large area of your property to be converted into a building site. And in extreme cases, you may even need to move out for a short period of time.

With a loft conversion, there’ll be some disruption, but if you’ve hired a reputable firm, then this should be kept to a minimum.

Finally, there’s the amount of red tape you’ll face. A standard loft conversion won’t involve much in the way of paperwork, but if you want an extension or a basement conversion, then you’re likely to face the prospect of applying for planning permission.

Overall, loft conversions are more straightforward.

Summing up

If you are considering a loft conversion, then our message would be “go for it!”. As long as you know you can afford it, then it’s an excellent way to add extra living space to your home.

And once you’ve got your conversion, you may be able to sell your home on for more than you would have been able to previously.

Alternatively, you can always look into other home improvement projects to make your existing house even better.